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Hair spa - deep hair regeneration

We are offering unique treatments for hair regeneration. Hairdresser will choose the right product from the concentrated formulations with different consistencies and levels of nutrition to your hair , for it to become beautiful, full of shine and softness.

Hair spa sauna

During a visit in our salon, you can use regenerating treatment using modern sauna for hair moisturizing. The device is invaluable for helping regenerating treatments, because it intensifies the effect of nutrients and regenerative ampoules used. Sauna emits moist heat, and because of that the hair cuticles are opened, and the nutrients contained in the cosmetics penetrate your hair together with steam and ozone in the deep layers of the stems, causing them to nutrition and hydration. After the treatment the hair is extremely shiny, flexible, resilient and strong, which greatly facilitates daily care, combing and styling.

We also recommend mesotherapy preparations, which revitalize the scalp and stimulate hair growth, as well as platelet-rich plasma.

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Kevin murphy experience treatments

Inspired by the most effective treatments of professional hair care brand KEVIN.MURPHY uses the best natural ingredients and technologies used for skin care. All professional treatments for hair should be treated the same as beauty treatments.
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Treat Me Moisture 130 - 170 PLN
Treat Me Strength 130 - 170 PLN
Anti Aging 130 - 170 PLN
Brighten & Strenghten 130 - 170 PLN
Angel KMX 130 - 170 PLN
Hydrate Me KMX 130 - 170 PLN
Luxury KMX 130 - 170 PLN

True keratin mask

Regenerating mask with pure keratin, intended for use on the hair, while undergoing keratin treatment as well as for application to the hair without the treatment. Fantastically nourishes and restores the hair, making them become incredibly soft
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Maska keratynowa + sauna from 110 - 150 PLN
W zabiegu 70 PLN

Kerabond hair recontruction

Perfect, keratin and amino acid, 3-phase treatment designed for chemically damaged hair. Specially developed recipe used in the products and the use of liposome carriers, reaching the interior make even the most damaged from chemical treatments
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23

Fiberceutic – hair strenghtening treatment

Fiberceutic sealing treatment is based on a revolutionary component, called Intra-Ceylan, the molecule of the multipath effect, which strengthens damaged or weakened coating of the hair. Intra-Ceylan penetrates into the inner structure of the
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Short hair 110 PLN
Long hair 130 PLN
Very long hair 170 PLN

Alterna caviar anti-aging treatment

Rejuvenating treatment with caviar is a comprehensive treatment for damaged hair due to everyday stress, environmental factors, chemical and natural aging. By combining a unique blend of nutrients, it prevents aging of the hair at the cellular
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