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Capillaries / erythema

Vascular skin, accompanied by prolonged erythema, burning sensation, itching and hot flashes appearing under the influence of local and general factors. Initially, the symptoms are transient, but gradually lasting changes can appear. This increases capillary permeability and edema. Characteristic is also the fragility of blood, which cannot withstand the pressure of blood begin to expand and burst, leaving permanent traces in the form of spider veins. The result of the processes occurring in the tissues may be the development of rosacea.

When to use:

When your skin is prone to panic reddening around the cheeks, nose and chin, temperature changes, UV radiation or after consumption of hot drinks, alcohol. Face has visible mesh extended, capillaries, especially if you have dry, thin and delicate skin.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • sealing and shrinking dilated veins,
  • firming and strengthening blood vessel walls,
  • regulation of the osmotic pressure,
  • improved circulation in the blood vessels of the skin,
  • decrease of erythema on the face,
  • skin smoothing and evening out its color,
  • calming and soothing of the skin,
  • prevention of rosacea.

Goups of treatments prices:

Laser reduction of vascular changes and erythema

The treatment is recommended for people suffering from blood vessel disorders, ranging from small telangiectasia called spider veins or broken capillaries to larger maroon spots. It eliminates changes that have been present since birth and that have arisen with age under the influence of the environment, e.g. exposure to the sun. During the procedure, the vessels are damaged and removed by the body's self-defense mechanism. The number of treatments is determined individually, on average 1-4. UV protection is needed at least 4 weeks after the last treatment.
Single vessel on the face 240 PLN 300 PLN
Face 600 PLN
Forehead 350 PLN
Cheeks 400 PLN
Nose 300 PLN
Upper lip 300 PLN
Chin 300 PLN
Neck 400 PLN
Decolletage 600 PLN


Laser skin rejuvenation
Photorejuvenation is based on the reduction of skin sun damage, uneven pigmentation, redness and blood vessels and stimulation of own collagen by non-invasive stimulation of fibroblasts (skin cells). It improves the skin's
Face 900 PLN
Neck 700 PLN
Decolletage 900 PLN

Dermocosmetic peels

Dermocosmetic peels are a very effective, natural method of turning back the biological clock. They have a very beneficial effect on the dermis, leading to an increase in its thickness without causing inflammation.
Azelac 220 PLN

Intraceuticals - oxygen infusion

Intraceuticals treatments using the infusion introduce active substances deep into the skin using pure oxygen and hyperbaric pressure. 

Selvert Thermal bio-treatments

The essence of Selvert Thermal treatments is "self-healing", i.e. stimulation of the natural tissue reconstruction cycle and improvement of the skin's immune system, which significantly supports the regeneration processes of the skin and connective tissue.
Treatment 220 PLN
Treatment 290 PLN

Medical and corrective treatments

Environ treatments are based on non-invasive methods of reducing wrinkles, firming and restoring skin balance without exposing it to the risk of complications, pain, uncertainty and temporary isolation.

Roll Cit

Epidermis micro-puncturing
Roll-Cit is a natural, physiological method of collagen and elastin induction into the skin. It is part of the Environ system and it widely boosts the effectiveness of cosmetics through extending the penetration of vitamins available in them into active layers of the skin.
Surgical 2500 - 3500 PLN