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Laser wrinkles removal

In 2008 the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery conducted a study, that showed that patients aged 50-70 indicated a youthful appearance of the skin as the most important feature, providing the attractiveness of others. The test results further, that the respondents aged 20-30 and 40-70 showed concern about the appearance of their face.

There is a huge emphasis on the beautiful appearance of the face associated with the popular wrinkles treatments and a large demand for them. Treatments with fractional ablative wrinkle Palomar device provide total satisfaction, long-lasting, excellent results, as well as a minimum period of return to everyday functionality.

The traditional CO2 treatments are painful and require a long recovery period. In contrast, the fractional ablative Palomar wrinkle treatment apply pulses of laser light, which provide excellent long-term results after one simple procedure. Laser light penetrates the skin to the desired depth and through a particular level of heat causes a severe reaction as skin repairs, stimulating the production of collagen. This reduces the visibility of wrinkles all over your face, around the eyes and mouth.

How does the laser smoothing out wrinkles work?

Smoothing wrinkles using Palomar device uses fractional ablative laser to create a zone surrounded by a layer of coagulated tissues, which are then surrounded by healthy tissues. The presence of healthy tissue triggers a rapid renewal of the epidermis in just 12 hours.

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