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Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Palomar Medical non-ablative fractional laser

Non-invasive Fractional skin resurfacing works in a non-ablative way, i.e. it does not damage the outer layers of the skin. It is performed with an erbium-glass laser in places of deep acne scars, post-inflammatory (e.g. after smallpox) scars and postoperative ones. 

An unique system of spot heating of the skin causes a "focused" effect at a depth of 2.5 mm, exactly in the area where collagen stimulation should occur. Thanks to high energy, the collagen is heated spot-on. The area, where the procedure was performed contains heated (damaged collagen) and unheated points. The distance between them is from 1 to 2 mm. Fragments of healthy tissue between damaged points accelerate the regeneration process. Thanks to this, the formation of new collagen is stimulated in places of damage, and thus the reduction of wrinkles or scars and skin firming. 

Treatments prices:

Fractional skin resurfacing - arms

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Frakcyjny resurfacing skóry nieablacyjny
1100 PLN 1600 PLN
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