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Moisturizing lips with hyaluronic acid

Hydration is a key condition for maintaining firmness and structure of lips. Dehydration is the first clinical sign of aging. Revitalizing and moisturizing treatment is recommended for every woman who noticed the loss of brightness and hydration of their lips redness but do not want the size of their lips to change. In most cases, we start to feel that need after the age of 35, when we notice the first signs of losing moisture, color and volume of the lips. At this stage, there is no need for lip fillers, but a gentle refreshing and rejuvenating treatment is worth giving a go.

This treatment is also recommended after a couple of months after lip filling treatment, if you want to gently renew the effect (as so-called ‘maintaining treatment’).

After the treatment you can clearly see the improvement of color and miniaturization level regarding lips and the mouth area. Lip redness is emphasized, but there are no changes regarding the size or the shape.

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