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Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe (1ml)

Wypełniająca mezoterapia kwasem hialuronowym

Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe (1ml)

Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe is a non-crosslinked sodium hyaluronate at a concentration of 18 mg/ml plus 0.01% calcium hydroxyapatite CaHA.

This medical product is used for dehydrated skin and to treat and prevent excessive skin sagging of the face, body and hands, as well as the reduction of small, shallow wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

It improves hydration, firmness and elasticity of skin tissues, and increases the skin's resistance to stretching. It is injected subcutaneously, in the form of small, regular deposits.


  • hydrogel with non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid that comes from non-pathogenic to humans bacteria,
  • it contents calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres of an average diameter of 8 microns that affect the elasticity and thickness of the skin,
  • this innovative technology for obtaining hyaluronic acid does not use any organic solvents and purification process is highly effective


  • non-toxic, biocompatible product,
  • low risk of immune response,
  • highly-purified product,
  • increases flexibility, moisture, density and firmness of the skin,
  • prevents stretching out of the skin,
  • fibroblasts and collagen growth,
  • slows down biodegradation of hyaluronic acid due to admixture of CaHA.

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