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Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe (5ml)

Wypełniająca mezoterapia kwasem hialuronowym

Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe (5ml)

Mesotherapy is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments, able to significantly improve the quality of the skin. Its aim is to provide active compounds directly to the skin and its immediate rehydration. The success of treatment depends largely on the quality of the product used and repeatability of session. Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe contains 18 mg/ml of pure hyaluronic acid, obtained from Bacillus subtilis. Such a high concentration allows you to get very good results, that are visible after the first treatment. The formulation also contains 0.01% of calcium hydroxyapatite, which further stimulates production of collagen, improving the effectiveness of therapy. To achieve optimal results it is usually sufficient to do series of 4 treatments every 3 weeks. To ensure long-lasting result, at the end of the series it is recommended to do a complementary treatment that should be done after six months.


  • High concentrations of HA that provides an excellent moisturizing benefits.
  • Improvement of the density of the skin due to hydroxyapatite.
  • Regeneration and correction of wrinkles.
  • Visible improvement in skin quality.
  • Exceptional security through acquisitions of HA from Bacillus subtilis.

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