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Hyaluronic acid - filling nasolabial furrows

These are the deep folds running from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth. They occur already for young age. They are a natural cavity of the skin, but if they get too deep, they can give the impression of dropping cheeks. They can get deeper around the age of 40, because of gravity.

For filling nasolabial wrinkles we are offering hyaluronic acid with different densities. Filling treatments not only are reducing wrinkles and restore the harmony of facial features, but also contribute to skin’s regeneration. The amount of hyaluronic acid used in a treatment depends on the size and depth of wrinkles. It is usually 1 to 2 ampoules.

U can get beneficial effect of smoothing nasolabial wrinkles also by improving the shape of the cheek by its contouring, the so-called volumetric treatment.

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