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Anti-cellulite and detoxifying treatments

Cellulite is a problem typically occurring for women, which results from non-uniform deposition of fat, water and waste products, as well as malfunctioning of the lymphatic system. Consequently, in the subcutaneous tissue of the cavity there are lumps called orange peel. The development of cellulite is influenced by many factors, including lack of physical activity, being overweight, hot baths, stress, hormonal imbalance, excessive intake of carbohydrates and salt, as well as wearing tight clothes.

When to use:

  • if you see bumps in the subcutaneous tissue,
  • your skin looks gray and pale,
  • you have the feeling of heavy legs and circulatory disorders,
  • prophylactically in order to have a smooth, healthy skin,
  • if you have a hereditary predisposition to the orange peel.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • increasing the metabolism of fat,
  • activating the process of drainage and cellular exchange,
  • stimulating microcirculation of blood and lymph,
  • removing toxins and excess water from the tissues,
  • supplying active ingredients deep into the skin,
  • firming and strengthening the skin.