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Needle mesotherapy

Mesotherapy treatment is used in aesthetic medicine for many years. It is an excellent method for the skin aging prevention, rejecting the moment of first appearance of wrinkles. It is also the first step of improving the condition and appearance of the skin, its rejuvenation and revitalization, as well as the perfect complement to the use of fillers, Botox and laser treatments. It is also used to treat cellulite and to diminish body fat as well as to prevent hair loss.

Dogłębna rewitalizacja skóry - mezoterapia igłowa głęboka w Ambasadzie Urody

Deep mesotherapy

Deep needle mesotherapy with skin boosters preparations with a high content of hyaluronic acid deeply revitalizes the skin both on the surface and in its deepest structures. It's a great way to keep your face, neck, cleavage and hands looking young. It gives an immediate rejuvenation effect and improves firmness, hydration and skin tone. The skin becomes smoother, it is more tense and bright.


Mesotherapy involves the direct injection of therapeutic substances or preparations intended to delay the aging process. We are using cocktails solutions, which are a mixture of a revitalizing and regenerating substances chosen to the needs of the patient. They could be ready-made medicines produced for the reduction of a particular issue, or be made by a doctor tailored individually from drugs compounds, which are regenerating and nutritious.

Collagen mesotherapy

In the process of skin aging, in addition to the decrease in elasticity associated with a decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin fibers, there is also a reduction in the amount and redistribution of subcutaneous fat and weakness of facial muscles. The result of this process is the appearance of gravitational wrinkles and noticeable changes in the face oval.


Redermalization is a new method of preventing skin aging and renewal thanks to the use of innovative Xela Rederm® preparations from the Swiss company Hyalual containing sodium succinate and hyaluronic acid. Xela Rederm® is the only preparation on the market that has a direct impact on metabolic processes in the skin (increase of energy production in the Krebs cycle in skin fibroplasts, improvement of cellular respiration, ion transport, collagen, elastin and protein synthesis, increase of microcirculation). Due to these properties, the biochemical and physiological processes in cells are regulated, cell viability increases, and greater protection against damage is provided.

Cellulite mesotherapy

Cellulite mesotherapy is a supplement to the previously known and used treatments. Injections with properly selected substances with lipolytic and microcirculatory stimulating effects increase fat cell metabolism (release excess fat), which leads to general skin firming and removal of the effect of orange peel (cellulite). Mesotherapy helps to shape the figure, improves abdominal firmness and makes the body slim. It increases cutaneous blood and lymph circulation.