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Thread lift COG i First Lift Barb 4D

First Lift Barb 4D is a new and unique PDO thread with a specially developed system of microscopic hooks. Up until now, the hooks were only on one side of the strand, now they are distributed densely around the thread in two directions (so-called four dimension), hence the name of the threads. In addition, the thread is much thicker than traditional PDO one, which maximizes lifting effect. Length of the threads are different and are selected individually for each patient.

Thread lifting barb 4d- how it works

The technique is fast, safe and easy to perform. It does not require skin incision as threads are injected via cannula-needle or cannula with the trocar into the subcutaneous tissue. Before the procedure, the area is lubricated with anesthetic cream, which completely eliminates the pain. Once implanted under the skin, hooks are opening, lifting the drooping tissues and thus providing a strong lifting effect. The entire procedure takes about an hour, and the only signs it leaves are slight bruises, easy to cover under makeup.

When to use thread lift barb 4d

First Thread Lift Barb 4D is recommended for patients over the age of 30. The indications for procedure are: loss of firmness and changes in the face features. It is perfect for lifting the chin, eyebrows, changing the contour line with of the cheeks and jaw. Patients who want to improve the appearance of other parts of the body are recommended to use the traditional PDO threads.

Effects of first lift barb 4d

Shortly after the treatment you can notice smoothing out of wrinkles and improvement in facial contours, resulting from the mechanical action of injected thread. Threads injected under the skin work as tension muscles, holding subcutaneous tissue in place. In the next stage biomedical properties of polydioxanone are being used. After about 14 days after surgery, the process of neocolagenesis starts, which stimulate the production of new collagen - the protein responsible for the tone and firmness of the skin. In addition, stimulation of fibroblasts results in stimulating the synthesis of elastin - the protein responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, making the skin gaining new strong base. In vivo studies also found that the effect of polydioxanone causes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the synergy achieved during the procedure, aesthetic effects are spectacular and long lasting. They are lasting about 24 months - after that threads are dissolved in the tissue. With neocolagenesis processes and stimulating the synthesis of elastin and hyaluronic acid, after the dissolution of the thread your skin does not fall down and does not return to its previous state. Of course, you cannot stop the aging process, but it is slower, so to maintain the full effect, it is recommended to repeat the procedure every 2 years.

Treatments prices:

First lift barb 4d threads

Barb 4D threads are intended for treatments aimed at the correction of the face and neck. The First Lift Barb 4D treatment is perfect for correcting the contours of the face and changing the contours of the jaw, modeling the cheeks, lifting the
from 1900 PLN
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Nici COG

Nici COG to nici haczykowate. Ich długość, grubość oraz to, że mają haczyki, sprawia, że podnoszą skórę, tworząc swego rodzaju „rusztowanie” dla niej. Wprowadza się je pod skórę, żeby ją napiąć
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