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Roll-Cit - skin rejuvenation and conditioning

Roll-Cit is a natural, physiological method of collagen and elastin induction in the skin. It is part of the Environ care system and significantly increases the effectiveness of cosmeceuticals by enhancing the penetration of vitamins contained in them into the active layers of the skin. It allows you to achieve better results in rejuvenating and conditioning the skin and regenerating skin damage.

The epidermis is the only protection of the skin against the external environment, so we should never destroy it. Wrinkles are not a sufficient reason to deprive yourself of such a wonderful and necessary protective organ. In order for the facial skin to remain young for a long time, an intact, intact and cohesive epidermis is needed, which in turn needs a stratum corneum. The stratum corneum and a thick granular layer protect us against UV rays and against harmful chemicals. The basal layer of the epidermis must be fresh (constantly renewing itself) and active as it can store excess melanin in the skin. Our dermis should consist of a thick layer of collagen and elastin along with a good blood supply. If you look at sun-damaged skin under a microscope, you will notice that each of these functions has been disrupted by sun damage. Destroying the epidermis is not the correct solution to this problem. A safer and effective method of giving the skin a youthful appearance is the external application of vitamin A, antioxidants C and E and carotenoids. Of course, the problem of inelastic skin with wrinkles lies in the dermis, where collagen has been destroyed and a thin layer has remained from a thick layer of collagen. The superficial application of vitamin A will not cause dramatic changes in the elasticity of the dermis. For this purpose, Roll-Cit was created, with which we perform micro-puncturing of the skin to ensure deep penetration of active compounds contained in cosmetics.

Roll-Cit - deep skin regeneration

Medical Roll-Cit is a movable roller with needles for procedures consisting in making punctures in the epidermis and in the dermis, forcing it to regenerate itself.

The needles penetrate the epidermis without removing it, as a result of which it is only "punctured" and heals quickly. The resulting holes cause local damage and bleeding, triggering an extensive reaction in the dermis. The result is the release of growth factors through the skin and an overactive fibroblast that greatly increases the production of collagen and elastin. The Roll-cit treatment is suitable for all skin types. The effects of the treatment are visible after 2 months, and deep skin regeneration lasts up to a year. It can be repeated at appropriate intervals depending on the type of device, the desired results and the intensity of the treatment.

Roll-Cit - FAQ

When should I expect the first results after the medical Roll-Cit treatment?
Increased collagen production begins in the first days after the treatment and lasts for many weeks. At the same time, collagen modification begins, which lasts 6-12 months. Some patients show significant improvement even 18 months after the surgery. Patients who regularly undergo iontophoresis or continue microneedling of the epidermis with the cosmetic version of Roll-Cit see better results after a longer period of time.

Goups of treatments prices:

Medical Roll-Cit

Created for people who are afraid to undergo plastic surgery and would like to get a lifting effect. The treatment increases collagen production, restores the proper tension of aging skin, reduces wrinkles, thickens the skin, makes it more elastic, bouncy, reduces wrinkles and acne scars.

Surgical Roll-Cit

It is an instrument with 5 mm long surgical needles, used in aesthetic medicine procedures. Roll Cit Surgical treatments are performed in order to rebuild the proper tension of the aging skin.