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Collagen stimulants

In young skin, collagen fibers are elastic and twisted, and the body produces them in abundance in the dynamically running process of neocolagenesis. With age, collagen "springs" unbend, break, and change their physicochemical properties. The production of new collagen fibers also decreases from year to year (the decline begins around the age of 25 with the loss of approximately 1.5% of collagen per year). As a result of collagen loss, the condition of our skin deteriorates and external factors such as UV radiation, free radicals, and toxins intensify this process. The result is the deepening of wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin, as well as its drying and color change. Drooping eyelids and cheeks, hamsters and a double chin start to appear.


Bruxism is an ailment in the field of parasomia diseases associated with sleep disorders. It manifests itself most often at night, although it can also occur during the day. Patients are usually people who are hypersensitive to stress and who have been diagnosed with increased nervous tension. Bruxism is also associated with malocclusion and increased tension or disorders in the masticatory muscles.


Sculptra evens out deep wrinkles and folds and fills in the loss in the face volume resulting from the aging process. It is a unique substance which works by stimulating the facial tissues to produce their own collagen, which replenishes the deficiencies in the skin. The treatment firms the cheeks, raises drooping mouth corners, smoothes furrows and wrinkles, restores the lost volume of the skin, filling the contours of the face and giving it a rejuvenating effect.


Ellanse is one of the most revolutionary fillers that simultaneously regenerate the growth of collagen, i.e. skin support fibers responsible for tension, elasticity and firmness. It is a stimulator, not a typical filler, i.e. tissue replenishment occurs as a result of cell stimulation, not the insertion of an "implant". This process can be successfully called natural for the skin. What does this show? That after the time the preparation remains in the skin, its appearance will still please you (it will look better than before).