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Filling wrinkles and face modeling - V Lifting

The younger the face, the firmer the skin and the more expressive the contours. The face is symmetrical and V-shaped. Over time, as a result of the natural aging process, the skin becomes thinner, loses its natural elasticity and begins to sag. The contour of the face changes - the fat "slides" down under the force of gravity, causing sagging of the skin and sharpening of facial features. The proportions change, the volume decreases and the face oval widens downwards. The symmetrical V shape turns around, and our age becomes more visible on the face.

To reverse the effect of drooping and sagging skin in some areas of the face, preparations that fill and stimulate the natural processes of skin reconstruction are introduced into the deep layers of the skin using the vector technique (soft lifting).

V Lifting - soft face lifting

V Lifting is a revolutionary procedure for precisely modeling the oval of the face, improving skin tension and eliminating wrinkles on the face and neck. This non-invasive treatment allows you to restore the young shape of the face while maintaining its natural shape. It fits in with the philosophy of aesthetic medicine intended for patients who value a natural look.

V Lifting - hyaluronic threads

The vector technique is based on the application of preparations according to the linear system of skin tension vectors and is modeled on the application of golden threads. However, gold is a substance foreign to the skin, hence the need to find a substance that is safe and nourishing to the skin. Currently, preparations of natural origin are used as an activator of skin cells (fibroblasts): hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite.

Several observations contributed to the development of vector techniques. It has been observed that the cells of the dermis - fibroblasts concentrate around preparations placed under the surface of the skin (e.g. golden threads, Radiesse calcium hydroxyapatite, hyaluronic acid). While superficial wounds heal, the surrounding skin "tucks" towards the wound. This is because stimulated fibroblasts produce greater amounts of collagen, which over time shortens and pulls the skin away from the environment. Thus, the arrangement of the preparations along the lines (vectors) of skin laxity leads to greater production of collagen and a linear tightening of the skin.

When to use V-Lifting

The soft lifting technique gives unbelievable possibilities of non-surgical rejuvenation of the face by restoring its proper proportions and symmetry while maintaining the individual features of the face without the risk of over-correction. It allows you to pull up the oval, make the nasolabial furrows  more shallow, lift the eyebrow arches, give softness and correct facial convexity. The skin becomes moisturized, taut and rested, shaped and rejuvenated.

Results of V-Lifting

The effects, depending on the filler used, the area of the treated face and the natural aging process of the skin, last from about 12 to 24 months.

In order to obtain the optimal effect of the appearance of the face, it is possible to combine treatments using the vector technique with other treatments, e.g. cheek volumetry, temple reconstruction or wrinkle filling.

Treatments prices:

V Lifting

The V Lifting treatment allows modeling facial features by creating a "scaffold" for the skin, improving skin firmness, elasticity and tension. The administered preparation replenishes skin tissue defects, emphasizes and lifts the skin.
from 3600 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69

Hyaluronic threads

It is an innovative technique used in aesthetic dermatology, consisting in the linear application of hyaluronic acid based on skin tension vectors. The treatment allows for perfect contouring of the face, improvement of the oval and skin
2600 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69

Packages prices:

Stimulate and Lift

The Stimulate & Lift treatment package is an ideal solution for people who care not only for firming and improving the quality of the skin, but also for raising the so-called hamsters and supplementing defects associated with the disappearance of subcutaneous fat. Neauvia Stimulate & Lift is a treatment with preparations based on hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite, which rebuilds youth of the skin - immediately and in the long term.
3500 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69