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Wrinkle filling

When we get older, we are experiencing loss of hydration of the skin and slow down of cells renewal process, which can cause the reduction of skin’s elasticity, firmness and flexibility. Deeper wrinkles occur, especially around the nose, mouth and sometimes on the chin. At the same time thin layer of fat under the skin, necessary to maintain its elasticity and smoothness, slowly disintegrates. This loss of capacity is particularly noticeable around zygomatic bones area, cheeks and on the outer parts of hands.

Utrata kolagenu

In younger skin, collagen fibers are elastic and twisted, and the body produces them in abundance in the dynamically running process of neocolagenesis. With age, collagen "springs" unbend, break, and change their physicochemical properties. The production of new collagen fibers also decreases from year to year (the decrease begins around the age of 25 with the loss of approximately 1.5% of collagen per year).

Biostimulating fillers

Biostimulating fillers is one of the most revolutionary fillers that simultaneously regenerate the growth of collagen, i.e. the fibers supporting the skin, responsible for its tension, elasticity and firmness. It is a stimulator, not a typical filler, i.e. tissue replenishment occurs as a result of cell stimulation, and not the introduction of an "implant". Therefore biostimulating fillers is perfect for preventive treatments that improve the quality of the skin. Proper use of Ellanese allows you to recreate what the skin has lost with age and to correct imperfections to restore the proper proportions of the face and achieve the best possible harmony.

The filling effect is immediate and subtly increases through the strong multiplication of your own collagen. The face does not lose its natural look, and it is rejuvenated every day through a strong revitalization process. This process can be successfully called as being natural for the skin. What does this prove? That after the passed time, your appearance will still please you (your skin will look better than before).

The effects of the biostimulating fillers treatment:

  • correction of wrinkles and folds
  • stimulation of own collagen for long-lasting and natural effects
  • rejuvenation of the face, neck and cleavage
  • filling gaps in tissues
  • improvement of the quality and condition of the skin
  • reversing the signs of aging
  • providing a more natural and youthful appearance

The product is biocompatible with the skin, fully absorbed by the body, does not cause allergies or side effects. Ellanse 'fillers are safe, stable with a specific duration of the filling effect, while improving the quality of the skin by multiplying its own collagen. After a certain period of time, the preparation is completely absorbed during natural metabolic processes.

Biostimulating fillers main treatment areas


Goups of treatments prices:

Calcium hydroxyapatite

Radiesse filler is based on calcium hydroxyapatite and suspended in a gel transporter consisted of water and glycerol. Calcium hydroxyapatite has a high safety profile and has been used in medicine for more than 25 years. It is completely
Nasolabial furrows from 1600 PLN
Marionettes lines from 1600 PLN
Cheek filling from 1600 PLN
Zygomatic area from 1600 PLN
The lower jaw from 1600 PLN
Lip corners from 1600 PLN
Chin from 1600 PLN
Eyebrows from 1600 PLN
Temples from 1600 PLN
Ears from 1600 PLN
Nose bridge from 1600 PLN
Hands from 1600 PLN

Polikaprolakton Ellance

Ellance to rodzina nowoczesnych, bezpiecznych i efektywnie działających wypełniaczy działających jednocześnie regenerująco na wzrost kolagenu i wspomagających biorewitalizację skóry. Służą do poprawy wyglądu