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Combined eyebrow makeup method

The combined method of eyebrow makeup - ombre shading or shading (shade with intensity gradation) + microblading - consists in delicately shading the eyebrows of the appropriate shape, and then drawing clear, thin lines imitating hair on the shadow using microblading. As a result, the drawing acquires three-dimensionality, it is not flat and homogeneous. The combined method allows you to obtain the effect of more regular and expressive eyebrows. The effect is very spectacular, but the eyebrows look very natural.

The microblading method is a technique in which each hair is modeled separately. The hairs are created with sterile feathers, thanks to which the dye is introduced into the top layers of the skin. This method allows the proper distribution of the hairs on the brow ridge and modeling them in the direction consistent with their natural growth pattern.

Before the procedure, we make a preliminary drawing of the eyebrows so that you can check whether the shape of the eyebrows meets the client's expectations.

Approximately 14 - 21 days after the procedure, a correction should be made to strengthen and consolidate the results. The first correction is included in the price of the procedure, provided that it is made no later than 30 days after the procedure. The date of the correction is booked immediately after the procedure.

If the obligatory correction is not made in a timely manner, the salon is not responsible for the final effect and durability of the make-up.

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