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Injection lipolysis / Intralipotherapy

Injection lipolysis (Intralipotherapy) is a non-surgical method of removing fat in a specific area of the body. It allows the removal of excess fatty tissue in places where it is difficult to get rid of it through diet or physical activity. It is a perfect option for patients who want to shape their figure. Injection lipolysis allows the dissolution of fat cell membranes, which causes them to be degraded and then transported to the liver and later excreted by the kidneys.

When to use

Lipolysis cannot be done on all the parts of the body. Treatments is usually performed in the areas of:

  • double chin (jaw contouring),
  • neck,
  • upper limbs, arms around triceps,
  • stomach and abdomen,
  • hips "love handles",
  • hips, "breeches",
  • under buttocks,
  • inner side of thighs,
  • inner side of the knees,
  • folds on the back,
  • male gynecomastia,
  • lipomas,

What is injection lipolysis?

The preparation is injected directly into the area of excess body fat. This preparation cannot be injected in an excessive amount, so the treatment must be done in stages. The amount of preparation used during one treatment is different and depends primarily on the amount of fatty tissue in the area of treatment and the patient's expectations. Prior the procedure, doctor discuss with patient the amount of preparation necessary for the treatment.

Number and frequency of treatments

Most often it is necessary to make from 2 to 6 treatments every 3-6 weeks. 3 weeks after each treatment u can observe a significant reduction in body fat. Most patients are satisfied with the results after 2-3 treatments.


Contraindications to perform lipolysis are: a liver diseases, cardiac-based diseases, diabetes, blood clotting disorders and skin diseases. Treatment is not performed on pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Treatments prices:

Injection lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is a non-invasive body contouring that involves injecting a substance that eliminates fat cells by means of injections. As a result, cells are dissolved and the released fats are broken down in the metabolic process and
from 400 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69


Intralipotherapy is a non-surgical method of reducing local fatty deposits. The treatment involves introducing a special chemical preparation under the skin that causes lipolysis, i.e. the breakdown of fat cells. Intralipotherapy is not a
from 400 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69

Specimen prices:

Dermaheal LL

Dermaheal LL

Biomimetic mesotherapy - slimming and anti-cellulite
Dermaheal LL is a fat burning cocktail for mesotherapy with slimming and anti-cellulite properties. Thanks to the content of growth factors and biomimetic proteins, it supports the breakdown of
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Aqualyx also known as "Motolese solution" or "M solution" is a new injectable preparation approved as a medical device. It does not contain phosphatidylcholine. The obligatory technique of introducing Aqualyx - the
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Phosphatidylcholine has been used in thousands of treatments, and so far no serious side effects of its injection have been reported. So far, there are no known cases of overdose with phosphatidylcholine. The preparation has already been
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