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Treatments for drooping eyelids

The problem of drooping eyelids is usually due to aging processes that increase with age. With the passing time, the skin of the eyelids becomes flaccid and less elastic due to collagen loss and its excess occurs due to stretching. These are natural aging processes that cause us to lose our youthful facial expressions.

Drooping eyelids make the face look older, more tired and sad. Drooping corners of the eyes age us, and sometimes the excess of skin can limit the field of vision.

In some cases, drooping eyelids are not only a cosmetic defect, they may contribute to the development of functional disorders and amblyopia, resulting from obscuring the pupil. Due to the drooping eyelid, astigmatism, hyperopia, as well as squint disease can develop. It can also cause insecurities and lower self-esteem.

Bezinwazyjna blefaroplastyka Plexr Plus - plazmowy lifting powiek w Ambasadzie Urody

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Plexr Plus plasma eyelid lift

Drooping eyelids make the face look sad, and drooping corners of the eyes make us look older. These are natural aging processes that cause us to lose our youthful facial expressions. Now there is a solution - non-surgical blepharoplasty of the

BeautyTek for drooping eyelids

BeautyTek to wynaleziony przez naukowca z NASA inteligentny system biocybernetyczny, który umożliwiaja proces biologicznego odmładzania tkanek, a tym samym w sposób widoczny cofa objawy starzenia

Needle mesotherapy for drooping eyelids

Needle mesotherapy is a procedure that involves injecting the skin with active substances. Thanks to injections, these preparations bypass the epidermal barrier, stimulating skin remodeling, improving skin tone by increasing density and
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