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Intimate areas rejuvenation

With age, our skin ages, and these changes also affect the intimate area. Despite the fact that these changes are often not significant, they are a great discomfort in sexual life for many women. Thanks to the rejuvenation treatments of the intimate areas, most women have a chance to improve the appearance and thus the attractiveness of their sexual organs.

Take care of your intimate health and aesthetic values, and at the same time forget about insecurities and enjoy again the pleasure with your partner.

Partial or complete atrophy of the labia majora is a very common condition. The essence of the problem is the disappearance of the fatty bed of the labia majora (so-called lipoatrophy) and the generalized atrophy of the skin and tissues. This condition may be genetic or may occur in postmenopausal age as a symptom associated with very advanced stages of vaginal dryness.

Reducing the tension and volume of the labia majora may cause not only mental but also physical discomfort, as they cannot properly fulfill their protective role. Therefore, the consequence of the loss of firmness of the labia may also be discomfort and a feeling of dryness in the intimate place and frequent abrasions.

Treatments prices:

Modeling of the labia majora

Treatments of rejuvenation of intimate areas with hyaluronic acid enable postpartum narrowing of the vaginal entrance and reduction of vaginal lumen, modeling of the labia majora and revitalization of the vulva. Treatments with hyaluronic acid
from 1600 PLN
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Reaction - labia firming

Non-surgical labia shrinking and firming is a completely safe and painless procedure. It is also characterized by high efficiency. To rejuvenate and firm the labia, we recommend procedures performed every 2 to 3 weeks. To maintain the desired
400 PLN
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Desirial is intended to revitalize, increase the level of hydration and treat hypotrophy in the labia majora for women. For: dryness irritation, causing itching and discomfort a feeling of tension and burning in perimenopausal
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Desirial Plus

Desirial Plus is intended for volume expansion, remodeling and treatment of advanced hypotrophy in the intimate area for women (labia majora). For: moderate to significant partial atrophy of the labia majora complete atrophy of
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Neauvia Organic Intense Rose (1ml)

Neauvia Organic Intense Rose (1ml)

Intense Rose filler was created for the sake of beauty and intimate health, as a product dedicated to the correction of lipoatrophy and the plasty of intimate parts. This product is characterized
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