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Platelet rich plasma - "Vampire Lifting"

Regeneris is an innovative program of bio-stimulation of the skin cells, giving long-lasting effects on regeneration and revitalization of the skin. The goal is to obtain platelet-rich plasma from the patient's own blood, and then injecting it to the skin. Platelet rich plasma can be injected in various ways, using either mesotherapy technique or linearly along the fold or wrinkle of the skin.

Angel System - a platelet-rich plasma treatment with the highest concentration of platelets and growth factors at the Embassy of Beauty.

Platelet rich plasma - STEM CELLS

Regeneris cells bio-stimulation program is based on using the body ability to regenerate. This happens through the action of their own growth factors and stem cells contained in the platelet-rich plasma (Autologous Cellular Renewal).

Giving platelet rich plasma we stimulate cells of our own body, giving them a signal to the renewal and revitalization. This method works by the activation of platelets contained in the platelet-rich plasma for the production of specific growth factors that:

  • stimulate regeneration of tissues,
  • help the process of angiogenesis - new blood vessel formation,
  • activate mesenchymal stem cells to proliferate,
  • stimulate fibroblasts to create new collagen.

This leads to regeneration, renewal and hydration of the skin. The aging process of our skin is associated with the decreased ability of cells to regenerate. Using this therapy, skin regains its youthful vitality, it becomes smoother, more elastic and younger.

Vampire lifting - treatments with platelet-rich plasma at the Embassy of Beauty.

When to use

  • tired, dry skin,
  • signs of aging (folds, wrinkles, laxity, decreased density of the skin),
  • crow's feet and dark circles under the eyes,
  • nasolabial folds,
  • neck, décolletage, hands,
  • excessive hair loss,
  • damaged hair,
  • acne scars,
  • after dermatological treatments and plastic surgeries.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is primarily intended for patients whose skin requires intensive renewal and those who are looking for natural products or are allergic to other preparations. This is an absolutely natural method and it is 100% biocompatible with your body, without the risk of intolerance, allergy, or other immunological reactions.

Effects of platelet-rich plasma therapy

  • revitalization and evening-out of skin tone,
  • improved flexibility, firmness and density of the skin,
  • rebuilding of collagen fibers,
  • improved blood circulation, oxygenation and nutrition of the skin,
  • smoothing wrinkles and folds - volumetric therapy bio-stimulating skin cells,
  • accelerated healing process after aesthetic medicine treatments.

Tissues rebuilding begins at 48 hours after the first treatment. The first effects of Regeneris are visible after two weeks. Improvement of firmness, flexibility, skin density, rebuilding of collagen fibers and filling of fine lines are obtained after three treatments in the scheme 0-1-6 months.

Mesotherapy using platelet-rich plasma gives excellent results in hair loss and weakening of hair treatments. After two procedures you can see a significant improvement of their condition. To get the desired effects, treatment should be performed in a series of a minimum of 5 treatments. Therapy may be combined with treatments for strengthening hair, for example mesotherapy using the preparations that stimulate their growth.

You can also look at our gallery for the pictures of effects of the platelet-rich plasma therapy.

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Komórki macierzyste Twoje naturalne źródło piękna

Komórki macierzyste
Twoje naturalne źródło piękna

Najnowsza i najbezpieczniejsza terapia z zakresu medycyny regeneracyjnej z wykorzystaniem komórek macierzystych i czynników wzrostu pozyskiwanych z krwi to przełom w rewitalizacji i kondycjonowaniu skóry.

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Platelet rich plasma PRP

Platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy PRP (prof. Ceccarelli method). The treatment can be performed in the face, neck, décolletage or hands area. Prof. Maurizio Ceccarelli is an aesthetic medicine doctor and a lecturer at the International
from 400 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69

Platelet rich concentrate - Angel System

Angel system differs from other systems of platelet rich plasma PRP because of the higher concentrations of platelets and growth factors. There is more and more clinical evidences which indicates that using in therapy PRP concentrate, which
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Platelet rich plasma - Regeneris

Mesotherapy for face, neck and scalp using 1 ampoule of Regeneris platelet-rich plasma. The treatment increases the firmness and hydration of the skin, as well as reduces wrinkles.
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Platelet rich plasma - Regeneris extra

Mesotherapy for face, neck and décolletage using 2 ampoules of Regeneris platelet-rich plasma.
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Platelet rich plasma - Regeneris Plus

Volumetric mesotherapy for heavily damaged or mature skin for the face and neck/décolletage using 3 ampoules of platelet rich plasma enriched with fibrin. The treatment goal is to restore facial fullness and to fill wrinkles. Obtained
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Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23