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Dermaheal Dark Circle Solution

Mesotherapy for dark circles under the eyes

Dermaheal Dark Circle Solution

With a unique combination of biomimetic peptides, Dermaheal Dark Circle Solutions lightens, brightens and hydrates the skin under the eyes, reducing dark circles and signs of fatigue - giving the effect of a fresh and radiant look. This product smooths wrinkles under the eyes and prevents their future formation. It improves skin’s elasticity by increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It also reduces synthesis of melanin, preventing the accumulation of excess pigment, and thus the formation of shadows under the eyes.

Active ingredients:

  • Biomimetic peptides:
    • Oligopeptide-34: reduces the synthesis of melanin by blocking the transfer of melanin cells to keratinocytes, it is responsible for the hydration of the skin,
    • Oligopeptide-24 reduces wrinkles affecting cell proliferation.
    • Decapeptide-4: strengthens the elasticity, affects the synthesis of elastin and collagen, improves the metabolism of proteins, reduces insulin resistance, improves reduction of fatty tissue, it is responsible for smoothing the skin.

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