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Mesotherapy for flaccidity and stretch marks


Stretchcare is mostly intended for flaccid and flabby skin but at the same time it moisturizes and tightens the skin. It is a high quality complex combined with DMAE and antioxidants with vitamins and trace elements enriched with hyaluronic acid. Because of excellent effect of DMAE your skin will be firmer and hyaluronic acid will deeply moisturize it giving it incredible lifting effect. Along with vitamin B5 and microelements, Stretchcare preparation has a strong skin tightening effect while improving its color and quality. The preparation is made of components that are designed both for skin lightening and tightening as well as to reduce stretch marks.

Indications: Stretchcare is used for visible flaccidity under the eyes, face oval, neck, arms, abdomen and internal sides of the thighs. It is especially recommended for patients that have problems with saggy and flagging skin, for stretch marks, discoloration and in order to improve the vitality of the skin.

390 PLN
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