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Redermalization is an innovative method for the effective prevention of skin aging and its reconstruction, affecting all three basic pathogenetic mechanisms of skin aging, such as regulation of biochemical and physiological processes in cells, effective blocking of free radicals and prevention of skin dehydration.

To successfully carry out the redermalization procedure, Hyalual Institute has created a new generation Xela Rederm® injection line. The special feature of these preparations is the unique formula using the synergistic effect of sodium succinate and hyaluronic acid.

In the Xela Rederm® line, 3 preparations are available with different concentrations of hyaluronic acid for different uses:

Xela Rederm® 1.1% - for patients aged 28 -35 years
Xela Rederm® 1.8% - for patients over 35 
Xela Rederm® 2.2% - for patients over 35 with facial treatments and for all ages with body treatments.

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