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Neauvia Organic Intense Rose (1ml)


Neauvia Organic Intense Rose (1ml)

Intense Rose filler was created for the sake of beauty and intimate health, as a product dedicated to the correction of lipoatrophy and the plasty of intimate parts. This product is characterized by the highest possible concentration of hyaluronic acid - 28 mg / ml - and high viscoelasticity of the hydrogel, guaranteeing patients 100% satisfaction. Intense Rose is the optimal combination of effectiveness, safety and long-lasting effect. Like all Neauvia fillers, Intense Rose is made using the purest source of hyaluronic acid. PEG polymer is used for cross-linking, which allows to obtain a network made in the IPN technology.


  • High viscosity and high concentration of HA, allowing to achieve an extraordinary volume effect
  • The highest quality of raw materials and safe use supported by clinical trials
  • Unique products for individual indications
  • Slow biodegradation and long lasting results

1200 PLN
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