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Face contouring

Wrinkles are the number one thing people associate with the aging process. However, they are not the only element that causes that our face does not look so young. The other valid thing is the volume and contour of the face, which changes as we get older due to the slow disappearance of the subcutaneous tissue of certain parts of the face, particularly around the temples and cheekbones. The cause of this lays in bone and connective tissue, as well as reduction in fat tissue. Facial fat moves downward, causing skin sagginess and changing the ideal oval of a young face. Nasolabial furrows are formed and a soft rounded cheeks - a symbol of youth - disappears.

Volumetric lifting

Volumetric facelift is used to complement the subcutaneous tissue defects related to aging. The treatments include injecting by various techniques crosslinked hyaluronic acid with suitable density or Radiesse’s calcium hydroxyapatite deep in the subcutaneous tissue. The filler restores the natural volume in this area, where the reduction of the body fat is the most intense.

Soft lifting

Soft lifting (soft face lift) is the most advanced method for precise facial contouring, lifting, and eliminating wrinkles on the neck. This non-invasive treatment allows restore the young-looking face shape. It fits into the philosophy of aesthetic medicine intended for patients who value a natural look.


Sculptra is not considered as a temporary filler, also not a permanent implant, but it may be described as a volumetric preparation, because it smooths out deep wrinkles and reconstructs face volume, resulting from the aging process. This is a unique substance that works by stimulating facial tissues to produce its own collagen, which complements the deficiencies in the skin. It firms the cheeks, raises drooping corners of the mouth, smooths lines and wrinkles, restores the lost volume of the skin, providing filled contours and the rejuvenation effect.