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Thread lifting

Thread lifting revolutionized the way we think about aesthetic medicine, becoming proven and safe method of facial and body rejuvenation. Their advantage is primarily a natural effect, minimal invasiveness, low risk of complications and long-lasting aesthetic results. The benefits of this treatment are long-lasting, and the results are immediate.

Wide range of threads sizes, their diversity and versatility allow you to achieve spectacular results. Threads without hooks are used mainly to improve skin texture and mild facelift. Implementing them a little deeper, we can also reduce the strength of facial mimic muscles and get aesthetic effects similar to the botulinum toxin. Using threads with hooks allows to get a result of a distinct lifting of sagging tissues.

Thread lift First Lift PDO

System nici First Lift PDO to cienkie nitki służce do poprawy struktury, gęstości i elastyczności delikatnej skóry. Nie posiadają stożków ani haczyków unoszących tkanki, a efekt liftingu uzyskiwany jest dzięki specjalnemu splotowi nici oraz właściwościom pobudzania syntezy kolagenu i elastyny, jakie wykazuje polidioksanon – substancja, z której są wykonane. Dzięki zabiegowi First Lift PDO możemy również ograniczyć siłę mięśni mimicznych twarzy i uzyskać efekty estetyczne zbliżone do podania toksyny botulinowej – relaksacji mięśni, wygładzenia zmarszczek i rysów twarzy.

Thread lift First Lift Barb

Thread lifting First Lift Barb is the best alternative to the traditional facelift surgery because of minimal invasiveness, lack of side effects and long-lasting aesthetic results. A wide range of sizes of threads and their diversity and versatility give a reason to believe that the coming years will be dominated by treatments based on the thread lifting.

Thread lift First Lift Barb 4D

First Lift Barb 4D is a new and unique PDO thread with a specially developed system of microscopic hooks. Up until now, the hooks were only on one side of the strand, now they are distributed densely around the thread in two directions (so-called four dimension), hence the name of the threads. In addition, the thread is much thicker than traditional PDO one, which maximizes lifting effect. Length of the threads are different and are selected individually for each patient.

Thread lift Aptos Light Lift

Aptos Thread Lifting Light Lift was created based on bio-absorbable material (polylactic acid), which is completely absorbed within 360 days. They give particularly good results for patients with visible signs of weakening skin structure and loss of firmness, which allows to achieve visible lifting effect around all areas of the face and neck.

Thread lift Aptos Excellence

Aptos Excellence is a revolutionary method of rejuvenating face and body using bioabsorbable Caprolace thread. With vast experience in the implantation of thread, Aptos has improved the structure of the thread by modifying the thickness of micro-projections, their placement and angle along the thread. These changes have made the threads becoming strong, and their application more effective.

Thread lift Aptos Excellence Body

Aptos Body Excellence Thread lifting is designed for lifting, contouring and rejuvenation of the body. Unlike other threads appearing on the market for the purpose of revitalizing the body, Aptos Body Excellence thread’s goal is primarily to lift the tissues.