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Thread lift Aptos Light Lift

Aptos rejuvenation methods were invented 16 years ago and to this day are systematically developed, offering a wide range of possibilities for the restoration of the beautiful, youthful contour of the face, neck and shoulders, thanks to rebuilding a strong base for the skin. Aptos thread injections allows lifting of the sagging tissues, restoring their original position, and placing them so that they are not falling down. It also allows improvement of the contours of soft tissues, restoring their volume and slowing the aging process.

Bio-absorbable thread lift aptos light lift

Aptos Thread Lifting Light Lift was created based on bio-absorbable material (polylactic acid), which is completely absorbed within 360 days. They give particularly good results for patients with visible signs of weakening skin structure and loss of firmness, which allows to achieve visible lifting effect around all areas of the face and neck.

Aptos light lift – how it works

Aptos lifting threads are injected by highly specialized and tailored to a particular area of ​​treatment and implantation techniques, guiding needle. Due to their structure with micro-projections, the thread is infallibly placed in the soft tissues, creating strong support skeleton. Aptos Light Lift threads are safe through the use of a resorbable material, which has the added rejuvenating effect. Polylactic acid (L-lactic) activates the bio-revitalization of the tissues and slows down the aging process from the inside.

Advanced technology makes the treatment effective and less invasive, without placing the tissue on the metal hooks. This in turn does not limit patient’s ability to use high-tech treatments in the future.

Quick results

Using Aptos Light Lift threads you can achieve perfect aesthetic result without the use of traditional surgery. The improvement in condition of your skin is visible immediately after the surgery. The optimum effect is fully visible after 2-3 weeks.

The healing period lasts 1-2 weeks, but after a few days you can return to the daily rhythm of life. The result lasts approximately two years, depending on the individual patient's predisposition.

Super quick treatment

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Treatment covering the entire face takes about 30-40 minutes and one area only 10-15 minutes.

After treatment recommendations

In 2-3 weeks after the procedure patient is recommended to avoid intense contractions of facial muscles and facial massages. It is also better not to attend fitness classes and to avoid excessive heat, such as sauna.

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