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Thread lift First Lift Barb

Thread lifting First Lift Barb is the best alternative to the traditional facelift surgery because of minimal invasiveness, lack of side effects and long-lasting aesthetic results. A wide range of sizes of threads and their diversity and versatility give a reason to believe that the coming years will be dominated by treatments based on the thread lifting.

It can be performed at any time of the year, even in the summer. To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to combine treatments First Lift Barb 4D with other methods of rejuvenation (for example Botox, fillers, Radiesse). First Lift Barb treatment is certified to CE safety and can be used throughout the whole European Union.

Barb thread lifting – how it works

Super thin thread First Lift Barb with microscopic hooks is placed on ultra-thin, sterile needle and is inserted subcutaneously in specific parts of the face or body. These hooks allow you to achieve spectacular lifting and firming effect. Inserted under the skin, they work as tension muscles, holding subcutaneous tissue in place. As a result, after implantation, they begin to act as a strong base for the flabby skin and firming the skin is visible immediately after the treatment.

In the following steps biomedical properties of polydioxanone are being used. After about 14 days after the procedure, the process of neocolagenesis begins, which stimulate the production of new collagen - the protein responsible for tightness and firmness of the skin. Apart from increased synthesis of collagen, stimulation and mobilization of fibroblasts causes stimulating the synthesis of elastin - the protein responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. The presence of polydioxanone tissue also causes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid (confirmed in vivo research).

Thanks to the synergy achieved during surgery, aesthetic effects are spectacular and long lasting. They last approximately 24 months despite the fact that threads are dissolved in the tissues much earlier (about a year). Thanks to neocolagenesis processes and stimulating the synthesis of elastin and hyaluronic acid, after the dissolution of the thread your skin does not fall down and does not return to its previous state. The technique of injecting PDO threads is based on the use of natural skin tension lines, so that it does not change facial features, guaranteeing the so-called. "Natural look"

When to use lifting threads first lift barb

First Lift Barb treatments are recommended for patients over the age of 30, both for face-lift, as well as modeling selected body parts. It is excellent alternative for traditional facelift surgery, because it does not expose patients to complications and side effects.

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