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Roll-Cit - FAQ

When should I expect the first results after the medical Roll-Cit treatment?
Increased collagen production begins in the first days after the treatment and lasts for many weeks. At the same time, collagen modification begins, which lasts 6-12 months. Some patients show significant improvement even 18 months after the surgery. Patients who regularly undergo iontophoresis or continue microneedling of the epidermis with the cosmetic version of Roll-Cit see better results after a longer period of time.

Can Medical Roll-Cit be used simultaneously during plastic surgery?
Absolutely, but it requires a wider range of anesthesia. I have personally performed 5 such combined treatments. Generally, I prefer to undergo a medical procedure before plastic surgery. One patient after Roll-Cit surgery, enjoying the results, gave up plastic surgery. It was in 1998. This patient came back to us at the beginning of this year to repeat the Roll-Cit treatment.

How often can such a medical procedure be performed on one patient and with what intervals?
The first patient had 3 professional Roll-Cit treatments on the upper lip with monthly breaks. I did not repeat treatments with such breaks on anyone else. I also don't think there is a limit to the number of medical procedures performed.

Does the skin swell and do bruises appear after medical treatment?
In some patients, the skin swells quite considerably, and in some, not at all. Unfortunately, we cannot use anti-inflammatory ointments as I believe that would minimize the development of collagen in the skin. Therefore, in this treatment, there is increased swelling, which is greatest on the first day and may last up to 3-5 days. After a week, the skin looks like after a slight sunburn. Bruising may appear especially when we perform the procedure on the lower eyelids. In addition, there may be only slight yellowing of the cheeks. If we cover the entire eyelids, expect the so-called classic black eyelids, such as we see after plastic surgery.

Should you prepare your skin with Cosmetic Roll-Cit for Medical Roll-Cit?
All my patients have their skin prepared for medical treatment with the Regenerating or Luxurious Environ Series. Patients who have never used Environ® prepare their skin for min. 3 weeks before surgery. Usually these are low doses of vitamin A in Debut or Mild creams. I prefer if they use Cosmetic Roll-Cit at home. Usually, the price of a medical procedure includes the cost of the cosmetic Roll-Cit, which they receive before the professional procedure, in order to become familiar with this device and start using it. 20 minutes before the procedure, we also use them to obtain better penetration of the anesthesia (Amitop or Emla).

How soon after medical treatment can patients apply camouflage makeup?
Most of my patients can use makeup on the 5th day after medical treatment. I do not recommend using makeup for the first 2 days after the treatment, because I am not sure how much it could penetrate the skin.

How soon can you start using cosmetic Roll-Cit after a medical procedure?

Usually after a week, and in case of an intensive medical treatment, after 10 days. I had a light medical Roll-Cit treatment on my face and neck and after 4 days I continued my Roll-Cit cosmetic treatment at home. I was slightly swollen and had no bruises. I believe that light and repeated Roll-Cit medical procedures, using superficial anesthesia, performed by an average technical staff, are a real option for use in cosmetic and doctor's offices. Patients should start their Roll-Cit cosmetic treatments at home as soon as their skin returns to its natural condition.


Which Environ products are recommended for use before, during and after the Roll-Cit treatment?
Creams of the Regenerating or Luxury Series. Personally, I prefer the highest concentrations before and after the procedure. I do not recommend using Alpha Series creams, although I recommend using Derma-Lac lotion and Essentia Oil on the body as soon as possible. Initially, I recommended only Essentia Oil, but it also tweaks a little, so a combination of these two is recommended. Immediately after the procedure, I used Retinol 1, but most patients experienced severe reddening of the skin caused by a retenoid reaction. Other patients used C-Boost cream twice a day. If the skin becomes very dry after the treatment, then I recommend using the Super Moisturizer. The patient can shower on the same day or the next morning.

What results should be expected after treatments for scars and stretch marks?
We know the least about stretch marks because we have too few cases. As for scars, you can expect their softening and smoothing. Scarred skin grafts definitely become less visible, but in this case, more than one medical procedure is required. Acne scars and skin after liposuction will also improve, it all depends on the severity

If the penetration of active compounds into the skin is significantly improved using Roll-Cit, can it replace the iontophoresis and ultrasound apparatus?
Iontophoresis and sonophoresis not only facilitate the penetration of active compounds through the epidermis, but also increase their flow through the cell walls. For example, Vit. C has two kinds of difficulty penetrating the skin: passing through the stratum corneum and entering cells before being swallowed up by blood circulation. Micro-puncturing facilitates penetration through the epidermis, but has no effect on cellular penetration. Iontophoresis and sonophoresis change the conditions in the cell wall, which greatly facilitates the penetration of active molecules inside. Ascorbic acid is then absorbed by the skin cells more quickly and not through the bloodstream, where the skin would have no benefit.

If medical Roll-Cit gives better results, why use cosmetic Roll-Cit?
Not everyone will want to take advantage of a medical procedure, even knowing that it gives better results. Others will not use cosmetic Roll-Cit after the medical Roll-Cit treatment, knowing that it also gives much better results. It's best to realize that aging is influenced by several factors, and we should use every option we can to get the best results. I am going to continue my sonophoresis, iontophoresis, medical and cosmetic Roll-Cit treatments, because I want my skin to confirm the maximum results we can achieve. This combination allows us to minimize the need for plastic surgery. Hope my skin confirms it too.

What treatments are recommended after medical Roll-Cit and after what time?
The medical treatment can be used simultaneously with plastic surgery or as a replacement option for some plastic surgery, laser therapy, skin dermoabrasion, where we obtain similar results for a much lower cost and a much shorter recovery time. Immediately after the medical procedure, it is recommended to repeatedly apply high concentrations of vitamins A and C to the skin. It can be Serum C-quence, Ultra Cream, Essentia Oil or C-boost Cream. Initially 3 times a day, after a few days 2 times a day. One week after the medical treatment, after any swelling has subsided, you can start cosmetic treatments in the office. The beautician should perform a series of iontophoresis or sonophoresis using Serum C-Quel, Intensive Retinol Therapy, Crystal Mask. At home, you should continue with Cosmetic Roll-Cit and use Environ creams.

What treatments are recommended together with Roll-Cit cosmetic treatments?
Cosmetic Roll-Cit is a device for regular use by patients at home. 5-10 minutes of massage a day or every few days causes micro-openings in the skin, which remain “open” to the penetration of Environ active compounds for 24 hours. It is best to use high doses of vitamins A and C on the face, neck and décolleté, which are found in the Ultra, C-Quence 3, C-boost, Retinol 1 cream (as long as there is no irritation), and on the body Derma Lac Emulsion, Essentia Oil , Body Cream, Retinol 1, 2, 3. In a beauty salon, we obtain perfect results by combining iontophoresis or sonophoresis with the Roll-Cit cosmetic treatment. Before starting iontophoresis or sonophoresis, it is most advisable to use a cosmetic Roll-Cit for a given patient for a few minutes. Then we significantly strengthen the penetration of ampoules or Environ masks.